“My goal is to put a ‘Coach In Reach’ TM of business professionals the world over so they can reignite the passion, fun and fulfilment in their lives and become a source of inspiration to all they come into contact with and thus help to create a better world.”- Stuart Elliott, Founder of Double C Coaching


And you know what?

I absolutely love my work! Everyday I get to inspire key people to become more effective leaders, find stress relief and take their self-confidence levels from so-so to heights you’d crack open a bottle of champagne for.

It’s the most wonderful thing in the world to be the catalyst that stimulates high achievers to transform into memorable and effective leaders… And what is quite remarkable is the, often, breathtaking speed at which these changes can occur.

Life has taught me that we all carry solutions (often buried deep inside) to challenges we face although, due to the high-pressure nature of today’s business environment, we often get blindsided and skip looking in the ‘obvious’ places for solutions. And yet, once we are guided where to look, we can often discover quite remarkable solutions to any challenge we face.

As Einstein once said:

The problem cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created it.


That’s why I am more excited than ever to have the opportunity to talk with you, help you discover a different level of thinking and spur you on to great success as you enjoy an amazing quality of life once more. My background is in Telecoms, factory support for Philips SA, coaching & teaching but consider life to be my greatest teacher.

I have lived on three continents (UK – Europe, Africa & Asia) and survived a painful divorce in South Africa that took everything I had. I ended up alone, without a support base, living in a rundown garden cottage owned by an alcoholic landlord because I was out of work and penniless. So much so that I was forced to sell the only thing of value I had – my CD collection – to a collectors shop in downtown Jo’burg simply to put food on the table.

Anyhow, that is a story for another day. Suffice it to say that I survived and learned an incredible amount about one’s inner resources during the process.

My past experiences have taught me that I was resilient enough to survive anything and gave me the attitude that ‘anything is possible’.

Over the last seven years I found myself coaching my senior students (businessmen, adults and sales professionals) to become better leaders, build their self-confidence levels and enjoy their lives more.

In order to focus more on helping people make major breakthroughs and become more effective leaders and get more from their lives I opened Double C Coaching.

With my background, life education and the honing of my skills through hands on practice supplemented with certification in Conversational Ericksonian Conversational Hypnosis and Classic & New Code NLP I am in a unique position to help you. You will find me the catalyst that can prompt you to uncover hidden resources deep within yourself.

You will be able to use those resources to find unique solutions and grow your leadership skills, confidence levels and create a memorable and meaningful life that greatly boosts your personal happiness.

However, and I must be completely open with you here, not everyone is ready to change… If you are and you are committed to do what it takes to become a great leader… Well the possibilities are boundless.


But don’t take my word for it… Why not put me to the test by taking advantage of this special offer I have running right now? A zero cost, one-on-one, Strategy Session that will leave you energised and excited about your future.

All you have to do is click the link below to find out more:

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A word of warning though… This special offer is strictly limited and may be finished at any moment. Why not click the button now and take advantage of my generosity?


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