What Does Confidence Mean to You?

What Does Confidence Mean to You? When we think of the people who inspire us, who we look at and wish to be more like, one of the most common terms we use to describe them is ‘confident’.  They are filled with confidence, they are self-confident, they have confidence...

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How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand At one time, when you talked about branding, you were referring to companies – their logos, their styles, the kind of products they were associated with.  But now, personal branding has become just as important as more and more...

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How To Add Value to Another

CB014 ☛ Special Edition INTERVIEW with Virginia Phillips From ☛Triumph After Trauma Academy In this exciting Interview Virginia from Triumph After Trauma Academy shares some tips and tricks about confidence building through adding value to others; ✮ Why you are...

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Confident Presentations

CB013 - Confident Presentations What if there is a simple process to give more confident presentations? That would make you feel much better next time you go on stage to speak wouldn’t it? Well, as you listen to this latest podcast you will discover some simple...

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Top Tips for Returning to Work

Top Tips for Returning to Work Returning to work after having a child can be a big adjustment, whether it is your first, second or any other number.  Getting back into the routines of your job and away from the routines of your child can be hard but the key to success...

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Talking From Authenticity

CB012 - Talking From Authenticity When talking with others it is important to talk from a place of authenticity rather than focussing upon whether or not you think you might be a ‘fraud’. The more you try and impress others with ‘big’ words and...

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Top 10 Skills All Leaders Need

Top Ten Skills All Leaders Need What are some of the skills that leaders need to possess in order to thrive in the workplace? Here at Double C Coaching we know the importance that a good leader can have on your career. We also know the importance of being a good...

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Fuelling Your Confident Smile

Fuelling Your Confident Smile CB011 - A Confident Smile is infectious. Not only do they make you feel good but they make others feel really god too… In fact many sales people and others who interact with the public every day practice smiling many times before...

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