Creating a Happier Work Life Balance

Getting that work-life balance is one of those phrases that seems to be very popular at the moment.  We are constantly urged to look at our lives and see what changes we can make to work smarter, not harder and to be more productive while still having time away from...

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How To Start A Conversation With Impact

CB010 – How To Start A Conversation With Impact Opening a conversation with confidence and poise is crucial if you want to make a positive impact. The way you stand, think about yourself and more are vital. Listen in as we discuss three core principals that will...

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Is it time to quit your job?

Figuring out when to move on from a job may be one of the hardest decisions you will make in life. Too often people ignore the signs that they may need a new job because they are afraid of change. In some situations you may know in your heart that you are not happy at...

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‘More Confidence’ What Does It Really Mean?

CB009 - ‘More Confidence’ What Does It Really Mean? I say to you “What is it you want?”, you know, “Do you want more confidence?” And you say “Yes!” I say “More confidence? What does that mean to you?” “Oh, I don’t know, I just want more confidence.” So...

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Job Interview Advice

Don’t make these interview mistakes! Congratulations! You’ve finally received that call or email about the job you’ve been waiting on for a while. Your slot has been secured for an interview. Thrilling right? Now all you need to do is ace that interview and change...

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Planning Your Confidence Building Strategy

CB008 - Planning Your Confidence Building Strategy Do you have a confidence building strategy? Well now is the time to fix that. You want to be more confident, but when is that, where is that and how do you want to feel? You see ‘being more’ confident doesn’t mean so...

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Our Favourite Confidence Quotes

Our Favourite Confidence Quotes For anyone who wishes to keep themselves in a prime mental mood, the words of others can be powerful inspiration. It always helps when we have words of wisdom that we can recall over the years. When the going gets tough or we can’t find...

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