How To Grow Your Conversational Power

CB006 - How To Grow Your Conversational Power Are you aware of all the subtle offers that happen during your conversations? Well, these work both ways and by becoming aware of them and how easy it is to unknowingly offend the other person (or be offended by them) you...

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How To Improve Conversations

CB005 - How To Improve Your Conversations Have you have been stuck for words during a conversation or met someone new and felt tongue tied? Not knowing what to say to someone you’ve just met is a common challenge and one that can rob you of confidence. The thing is...

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Driving Success for Women in Business

Driving Success For Women in Business Although it’s easy to look at all the negativity in this world, sometimes just concentrating on the positives can be a great way to change our mindsets and opinions. After all, the last decade or so has seen a pretty wholesale...

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More Tips To A Stronger Confidence Foundation

CB003 – More Reinforcement Toward The Unshakeable Confidence Foundation
You’ve already built and started make your confidence foundation solid… Now it gets exciting. You’ll hear a wonderful story about how a young student transformed from a typical ‘sloppy’, non confident person into someone who commanded respect as soon as she ‘plucked up the courage’ to…

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Dressing For Success

How to Land the Job Before You Even Speak So, you graduated from a renowned university with countless awards, certifications and a GPA worthy of a gold star, but your less than impressive sense of style is ruining your chances of acing that job interview. Don’t fret,...

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