A Drink To Your Success

A Drink To Your Success

Me saying cheers to you drinking tea

Here’s a little toast to all the successes you have already had in your life and the myriad more to come. As they say in China “Ganbei!” So cheers to you and the beautiful future you have to come - I wish you the best of success.

This picture was taken in one of my favourite teashops in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. The decor is comfortable, the atmosphere calm, relaxing and inspiring and the tea - delicious.

Quality Chinese tea is like wine, it has many subtle nuances and flavours that only show themselves when it is made with love and respect. Do this and you will have great delight in discovering layer after layer of wonderful flavours.

The particular tea my friend and I were drinking is locally called “Bai Nian Lao Chong” In English it renders as (more…)

How Not To Negatively Program Your Thinking

How Not To Negatively Program Your Thinking

Have you ever listened

(This post first appeared on LinkedIn)

A few nights ago I was in a teashop with a friend and we were enjoying some delightful Shui Xian, (pronounced: shway she n) a famous type of tea that is grown in a picturesque area not far from where I stay in Fujian Province China.

As we were sitting there my friend turned to me and said: “I can’t sleep at night. It’s been going on for two months, every night I go to bed and lie there not sleeping and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

I looked at him and replied: “Do you just realise you said three negatives in those two short sentences? ‘Can’t’, ‘lie there not sleeping’ and ‘nothing I can do’, If you keep thinking like that you’ll be programming yourself not to sleep.

And therein lies a (more…)

It Might Take A Little Courage But…

It Might Take A Little Courage But…

It Might Take A Little Courage But…

Climbing 3“Everything You Have Ever Wanted Is Sitting Just The Other Side Of Fear” - George Addair.

A few years ago, when I was still living in South Africa my wife and I went on a walking safari in the Timbavati Nature Reserve adjacent to the Kruger National Park.

Now this is big 5 country so we had an armed guide with us, ‘just in case’.

Early one morning, not long after a beautiful dawn had broken, we were out on the trail in an area where the guide knew there was a cantankerous old buffalo bull.

I was following closely behind the guide, keen to see any action, with my wife a few paces behind.

As we walked I started to pick up a bovine scent and whispered to the guide that I could smell something. He whispered that we were near where the old bull tended to hang out so we had better be quiet and keep alert.

It wasn’t too much longer before there was a loud cracking of branches and (more…)