CB001 - Confidence Bytes Show

As you listen to this podcast you’ll discover two very simple confidence building tips - exercises that you can do right now to make you feel better about yourself & start building more confidence.

You’ll also hear one of the funniest stories that will show you the remarkable things you can achieve when there is absolutely no doubt in your capabilities.

Every time I think about this true story it brings tears of laughter to my face and, reminds me of how capable we really are.

Do yourself a favour, listen to it, dry your eyes and take the lesson it contains to heart - you’ll be better for it I guarantee you.

And, don’t forget to regularly do the simple exercises explained in the show, it’s amazing how they will start to change the way you think about yourself… And more confidence comes from a stronger self belief does it not?

That’s enough writing now it’s time for you to go and listen 🙂


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