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As you listen to this podcast you’ll discover two very simple confidence building tips - exercises that you can do right now to make you feel better about yourself & start building more confidence.

You’ll also hear one of the funniest stories that will show you the remarkable things you can achieve when there is absolutely no doubt in your capabilities.

Every time I think about this true story it brings tears of laughter to my face and, reminds me of how capable we really are.

Do yourself a favour, listen to it, dry your eyes and take the lesson it contains to heart - you’ll be better for it I guarantee you.

And, don’t forget to regularly do the simple exercises explained in the show, it’s amazing how they will start to change the way you think about yourself… And more confidence comes from a stronger self belief does it not?

That’s enough writing now it’s time for you to go and listen 🙂


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CB001 - Confidence Bytes Transcript

Hi, welcome to Confidence Bytes, my name’s Stuart from Double C Coaching and I’m your host for these confidence building tips.

And you may be asking why confidence? Well confidence to me is the golden key to success, you can have the most profound university education, you can know how to do so many things but if you don’t have confidence in your abilities it makes it very difficult for you to do them.

You know, there are many famous people Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, many politicians, many public speakers, many pop stars, who don’t have confidence. They may have the most wonderful skills, they have the most wonderful abilities, but they don’t have the confidence in themselves and it takes a lot of time and effort and energy to try and just show people how good they are.

And you know if you’re always thinking I’m not good enough, I’m not good enough, it can do two things it can make you into a perfectionist which can limit you and it can also bring you down.

But you have skills, you have abilities, you have confidence, it maybe hidden deep inside but you’ve got it.

You’ve definitely have got it.

I don’t doubt for one second that you ever think about I can’t write. Don’t ever doubt for one second that you think about I can’t speak, you just do it naturally.

So, let me give you an example of just how, no doubt, self belief in your abilities can make you do whatever you need to do whenever you need to.

A few years ago I was living in South Africa and my ex-wife now but, her father was sat home watching TV, and they had a bull, an English bull terrier, a white English bull terrier, it weighs about 23-25 kilos and this dog loved to sleep on the child’s bed, the youngest child’s bed, and this one day, Pieter’s sat in the lounge watching TV and the dogs fast asleep, you know snorting away like dogs do, having a dream of whatever he or she was dreaming of.

If you think about the house the lounge is like an upside down L, so the L is there and then the foot of the L goes on this side, and the dog is in the bedroom and the bottom of the L is where there’s a big bay window right across the window and a window seat underneath it.

Now Pieter’s sat in the Lounge and he’s watching TV and he hear’s the bell ring and there is one thing that people don’t do is that they don’t ring the bell because that make the dog so mad, and you can imagine this dog now, she is fast asleep and this bell ring, and she’s like “what the hell” and she so angry she gets up she’s running down she came around the L part into the lounge dining area. And there’s a tiled floor and she’s scratching the floor with her nails trying to get traction and vroom she’s rocketing down and Pieter thinks oh no oh no, so he runs out the patio door around to the other side of the bay window where he sees this policeman walking across and just as a policeman gets in front of the bay wind the whole window explodes.

This white missile from hell erupted straight through the window and Peter stood there in amazement. He didn’t know what was going to happen next, he could just see the shards of glass twinkling in the sun in slow motion, and the policemen, he’s gone, he’s disappeared, and the dog’s coming through the window, and the glass is twinkling the sun, the dog lands on the floor, and then she looks around and shakes herself, little smile on herself and just saunters off causally back into the house and Peter looks up and there was the policeman on the roof of this car about 3 meters away.

And Peter said I didn’t see him move, I don’t know how he got on to that roof, and I guarantee that policeman didn’t even know how, he just knew he could, he didn’t have any doubts in his abilities, he just jumped, just like an Olympic high jumper, he just jumped, no run, standing start, and boom he’s gone. Because he’s not going to hang around for that damned dog, no way, so just think about what you can do if you don’t down yourself, just think about what you can do if you believe how good you are, and let me ask you this question, can you tell me right now, 100, only 100, things that are good about you.

Now if you’re like most people I ask this question to, they start off and see I can do this and I can do this and I can do this and good at this and after about five six, seven they start slowing down, 10 11 12, they’ve run out of steam, they can’t tell me 100 things that are good about them. Now if I say to them, can you tell me 100 bad things, oh yea, one duh duh duh, and it just go through like you know just like a rocket.

Why is it, why is it , that most people know every bad thing about but they don’t know the good things about themselves. So now I want you to change that, I want you to forget about the bad things, ok, there are things that are not so good that we can learn from, yes. But that is a good thing in itself. I did this wrong, I’ve learned the lesson, that’s a good thing, so what I want you to do is take a blank piece of people and take a piece of paper, don’t use your computer don’t use your phone take a piece of paper, write down at the top, ‘I Am Good’.

This is your ‘I Am Good’ sheet, and then write down one, two, three, four, five, six, seven… write down all the good things about you. And don’t stop at 100. I want to know how many more than 100 you can find, and it might take you a few days but that’s okay.

It may take you a week but that’s okay.

Just keep writing just keep writing, every little thing that’s good about you, did you make a mistake, good because now you have the opportunity to learn, what did you learn, I learned this, that’s good, ‘I Am Good’.


Can you walk, yes, ‘I Am Good’. Can you run, yes ‘I Am Good’ . Can you write? Yes! ‘I Am Good’. Can you speak? Yes! ‘I Am Good’.

Write everything single thing down. Everything! And don’t think about “I can’t speak very well” or “I can’t write very well” or “I can’t walk very far” or “I can’t run very fast” - that doesn’t matter. You can still walk, you can still speak, you can still run - that’s a good thing!

And think about this, do you realise how special you are, how you are so unique, nobody else in this world is like you. Just think about the years in the past when before you were born, when your mother and father conceived you. Your father produced millions of sperm and those sperm fought to try to get to the egg, which is going to be you.

And one of those sperm, the best one, the best one won. And fertilised that egg and created you. Just think about that.

How special that makes you.

Nobody in the world is quite like you. And that’s a good thing, because imagine the world, imagine the world with everybody the same, it’s not my world, so that’s another thing to put on your ‘I am good sheet’ - OK?

“Nobody else in this world is like me, that’s good”, “I Am Good, because I am unique”.

And here’s the thing now, once you’ve got your 100, or even if you can’t get a hundred today if you can only get 20, if you can only get 30 today, it doesn’t matter.

Take your sheet, fold it, fold it and then put it in your pocket. Keep it with you at all times.

And it needs to be bulky, I want you to feel your goodness in your pocket, I want you to feel your goodness with you everyday single day. And now you’ve put your goodness in your pocket, the next step, very simple step, take out your phone, whatever, it doesn’t matter, what make it is, set an alarm.

One hour, one hour. Set your alarm for one hour and then go about your day when that hour rings stop what you’re doing, obviously if you’re driving find a place to pull over, so that it is safe, but get your ‘I Am Good’ sheet, and just look at it, and just look at all the good things, that are good about you. All the things you’ve written down that’re good about you, and smile, because you are good, this is proof that you have with you that you are good!


So ‘I Am Good’ because…

And now you’ve done that, it only takes a few seconds, you’ve got a smile on your face, fold it up put it in your pocket feel your goodness, get your phone, set the alarm one more hour. Repeat, repeat, repeat, all day. I guarantee you that if you do this regularly, every hour for one whole week you will feel so differently about yourself, you’ll start thinking, and you will be smiling more and you will be happy and you will be lighter.

And let’s make that mood a little bit more, Smile at yourself, get your phone, put the camera on and look at it, smile, go into the bathroom, look in the mirror, smile! Practice smiling at yourself, and as you look at yourself you say, “do you realise I am so good”, and you smile because it’s a good feeling!

So do that every day many times, every second you can, and start building this… this appreciation for yourself!

One last quick thing that you can do, and you might need to do this in the privacy of your home or something for now or the bathroom. But you, you remember, you know you watched the Olympics and you watched the sports game or you watched a running race or something like that and, the person who wins… Yeeees!!! I’ve won, I’ve won, and they have their arms in the air, they’ve got this victory pose. Do it! Stand in front of the mirror and do it for about two or three minutes and feel how much energy it gives you, see your face transform - it’s going to give you so much power.

Maybe what you should do first is take out your sheet, look at it, I’m good, Yeeees!!

I guarantee that you will make the biggest difference in your life, the way you think about yourself.

So go away, grab your paper right now and start writing, and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, so you can come back any time to watch this video again or see any of the more exciting confidence building tips that I’m going to share with you.

And I tell you what, I’m going to leave a twitter address here, I want you to twitter me or tweet me with how many you are at, and I want to have a challenge to see how many tweets, sorry, how many good things you can tell me about yourself, are you at a hundred, are you at 110? Are you at 200, are you at 500, are you at a 1000?

Let me know because the more you think about yourself in a good way the more you smile the more you smile the happier you are the lighter you are and the more confident you become.

So thank you for watching. Grab your paper, grab your pen, start writing ‘I Am Good’, because duh duh duh, and then go for it! I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next week or so, so we will speak then, go away and be confident. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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