My Dear Friend, clear your mind of can't. - Samuel johnson

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Henry Ford once stated that there are two kinds of people - those that believe they ‘can’t’ and those that believe they ‘can’, and that both are correct.

Now if you think about that statement I am sure you will agree with him. Why? Because it is your self beliefs that either limit you or give you confidence and empower you.

Let me give you an example…

In his book, “The New Psychocybernetics”, Dr Maxwell Maltz cites a case where a young boy (lets call him John) overheard his parents and teacher talking about him.

The gist of the conversation was that John’s teacher thought the boy was a ‘little deficient’ in the maths department and would never amount to much. His parents basically agreed with the teacher which caused John to reflect that since both his teacher and parents (major authority figures in his life) thought he was ‘stupid’ then he must be.

From that time on John became even more ‘stupid’ and his grades continued to drop. Soon he was at the bottom of the class. The thing is though, he wasn’t stupid, not by a long chalk.

However, it wasn’t until several years had passed that John began to realise the error in his thinking. His transformation came about when a difficult maths question was posted on the blackboard and the teacher asked for the answer.

None of the other students were forthcoming, they simply didn’t know the answer - even the ‘clever’ ones… but John had a sudden flash of inspiration and eagerly shot his hand in the air. The teacher and the other boys all laughed at him saying he was too stupid to be able to answer.

This riled John so he stormed to the blackboard and promptly wrote out the correct solution. The teacher and the rest of the class were amazed, they simply couldn’t believe their eyes… the ‘dunce’ of the class had the answer they couldn’t get.

From that day forward a new self-belief was born in John. He found confidence, no longer did he think of himself as ‘stupid’. He was just as clever as the rest and, sure enough, as his self-confidence grew so did his grades… soon he was at the top of his class.

This true story illustrates how easy it is for us to either limit our abilities or empower ourselves through our core beliefs.

Sadly, not everyone is aware of this type of ‘mental programming’ that happened early in life so they carry a burden of not being good enough as they age.

Take a moment to reflect upon your life right now. How many times have you found yourself lacking confidence or told yourself that you ‘can’t’ or that ‘it is just too difficult’ ? Did this kind of thinking stop you dead in your tracks and make you give up or did it spur you on to succeed?

Now take the opposite side of the coin where you just know you can do something. That is empowering is it not? It gives you the drive and energy to succeed. Sure there may be things that you need to learn along the way but that is great. You want to succeed because you believe you can!

This latter scenario is where we are going to get when we work together. Sometimes the results can come with astonishing rapidity as a long standing, and often, hidden blockage is released or a hurdle overcome. Quite often you have no conscious idea what caused the challenge you faced, it was simply there… And that is OK. It is the good results you want after all.

And when you get to experience those good results… well, the power and self-confidence you will feel can be amazing. And you know what happens to a snowball as it rolls down the hill don’t you?

It gets bigger and bigger as it picks up more snow…

Well the same is going to happen as your self confidence increases. The more you have the more self confidence you will develop. Soon you will feel it bubbling inside you: it will become an unstoppable force that drives you on to even greater heights of success.

Fresh New Perspective To Challenges

And you do want to be successful in your life and career don’t you? So let me ask you what is it that is holding you back? What is it that is preventing you from reaching out to me and allowing me to guide you toward the results you desire?

Is it perhaps that you are not sure I have enough knowledge about your position in the company, that I don’t have experience in your field?

Now this is a valid if somewhat groundless concern. You see, as an ‘outsider’ I bring a fresh new perspective to your challenge. I see things through fresh eyes so am able to open up whole new levels of thinking that will allow fresh insights on the solutions to your challenges.

You are the expert in your field after all, but your expertise could be causing a blindness to new ways of doing. Sometimes you get so involved in the challenge that you develop tunnel vision and overlook solutions that are often staring you in the face.

We all experience this… I often mistake ‘from’ and ‘form’ when I type. I type the latter instead of the former and yet every time I check things I ‘see’ the correct word. It takes an outsider to point out my simple mistake. Perhaps that is the way it is with you… That is why I am here.

I extend an open invitation to you to try me out at my expense. You see, for us to work together effectively we must both be in the same ball park. You must feel confident that I am the one to help you solve your challenges and move on to the heights you expect and I need to feel confident that we can work together.

Why not put me to that test? Why not take me up on my generous offer right now? Let me buy you half an hour of my time so we can meet up over the phone or on Skype for half an hour and get to know each other. I will give you insights to your challenges and you will come away feeling confident that I am able to help you get where you want to go.

If for any reason we don’t gel then nothing is lost, you’ll still walk away with a roadmap to follow toward your new confidence. There isn’t any obligation and we will part as friends both better for having met.

On the other hand, when we do gel and find that working together is a pleasure as well as immensely beneficial to you then who knows where we will end up?

The world is your oyster after all…

I wonder what hidden pearls await you, what treasures you will find within yourself.

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