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Hi there,

I am sure you are familiar with the wisdom of  Einstein and his groundbreaking equation E=M x (C squared)…

Well, I had an idea the other day. Why not make a couple of changes and see what happens?

Let’s give it a go, we’ll keep the same formula but change the nomenclature…

So instead of the ‘C’ representing the speed of light why not change it to confidence? In may cases confidence comes and goes at the speed of light so there is a passing relationship isn’t there?

This is a fun thing so no offence to the purists…

Now instead of the ‘M’ representing mass let’s change that to money, after all many people think that enjoyment equates to money and people with money often feel they have substance or mass…

And for our finale:

Let’s change the ‘E’ - strictly speaking this should be energy, but let’s make it represent Enjoyment - it’s a similar type of thing after all. Enjoyment or happiness is a form of energy isn’t it?

So now we have:

Enjoyment = Money x (Confidence squared)

You still with me?


Now using a scale of one to ten where 1 is very low and 10 is high let’s insert some figures:

E = 1 x (1 x 1)

This resolves to 1. Which means if you have a little money and a little confidence then you only have a little enjoyment or happiness don’t you?

Now, obviously, increasing your wealth will give you a small increase in happiness, but not that much - keeping the confidence level the same you can see that can’t you?

However look what happens when we increase your confidence but do nothing with the money.

If I give you a little more confidence this is what you get:

E = 1 x (2 x 2)

Now your enjoyment is a 4 - that’s four times more happiness by only increasing your confidence by a factor of one.

And if I give you a lot of confidence, say an 8, (we’re on a scale of 1 - 10 remember) look what happens:

E = 1 x (8 x 8)

Now your enjoyment or happiness rockets to 64!

Which goes to show how important your confidence levels are to your overall happiness and just begs the question:

“What can you do, right now, to increase your confidence levels?”

Well, if I had some magic ‘Pixie dust’ I could sprinkle it on you to increase your confidence but this is the real world after all, even if we are taking liberties with Einstein’s wisdom.

So let me give you two simple exercises that are guaranteed to give you a quick confidence boost. (And please do not dismiss them because they are so simple…)

The first is to list 100 things that are good about you - that’s it.

Now, most people I give this exercise to get stuck around the 10 to 20 mark. I wonder how far you will get before you get stuck?

You might think this exercise a little silly but think about it, if you ask your friends to name their bad points you’d be hard put to get them to stop. Most people can rattle off their bad points like there’s no tomorrow - on the other hand ask them to tell you what is good about them and you’ll soon be met with a deafening silence.

So knowing how good they are kills the negativity inherent in people’s thinking and gives them a confidence boost.

The other thing you can do is to keep a ‘Success Diary’. Again, it’s very simple but will boost your confidence every time you look at it and see how successful you already are.

Grab a notebook and write down the time, date and thing you did every time you are successful. It doesn’t matter how small the success was, say you boiled an egg to perfection, (believe it or not some people cannot even do that) just write it down.

Now, you will have a record of all the good things about you (and don’t limit yourself to a hundred either, keep going and see what heights you can attain) and a diary of all your successes.

Any time you feel a little down just leaf through your record of your goodness and achievements and see how you start to smile and feel your confidence increasing.

It works, trust me.

And if you want to get a little more firsthand help at increasing your confidence why not drop me a line on stuart [at] You’ll be surprised at the rapid results you can get with someone by your side, rooting for you.

Enjoy your success!

With respect,


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