CB013 - Confident Presentations

What if there is a simple process to give more confident presentations?

That would make you feel much better next time you go on stage to speak wouldn’t it?

Well, as you listen to this latest podcast you will discover some simple steps that will help you to build the confidence in your abilities to give presentations that wow.

So how can you make a presentation, how can you make it work?

Well obviously, you’re going to have to practice and it’s much better for you to work with a few people, get used to speaking in front of a few people and then building up to larger audiences. But the key to any presentation is you need to know what you are going to talk about.

Now I am not talking about memorising your presentation word for word. I think that’s much, much too stressful because you’re not an actor. Instead I want you to think of your presentation in a different way.

Your speech is like a river on its way to the sea, now the river goes onward and it can twist and turn a little bit but you don’t want it to have rapids. Rapids are where you have mistakes but you can twist and turn a little bit and then it will get to the sea in the smoothest, nicest way possible. The twists and turns can represent the subtitles and you fill in the content as you take your audience on a smooth and interesting journey to their destination.

You’re going to discover how to build the presentation and recognise the leaders in the audience so you can connect with them and get them on your side which means the rest of the audience will follow. So hit the play button below and get ready to take on board these great tips to a more confident presentation.


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