CB004 - How To Use The Circle Of Influence To Boost Confidence

You know confidence is the golden key to success don’t you? You know there are so many life challenges that we face and these can be exacerbated or even caused by a lack of confidence in ourselves - it doesn’t matter how skilled you are at things, if you don’t have the confidence in your abilities you’ll only limit yourself.

So, I’m sure you’ll agree that building confidence in your abilities is paramount.

As you listen to this exciting episode you’ll discover how the Confidence Triangle helps you to boost your confidence, why you must live your life in 3D and how a simple technique called the ‘Circle Of Influence’ can give you a confidence lift any time you choose.

And, to help you even more I’ve got a free resource pack you can download here: CB004 Resource Pack

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? So crank up the volume and listen to this happy episode.


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