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CB007 - Live Interview With Maggie Georgopoulos Chairman Of The Board At 32

I’ve just finished up a great interview with Maggie Georgopoulos, chairman of the board  in a male dominated industry at age 32, author of the upcoming title “Up The Ladder In A Skirt” and a women’s champion who has directly impacted the career choices and progress of over 10,000 women in over 32 countries around the world.

In this special extended edition podcast you can hear some great things she had to say about confidence, authenticity, diversity, building leadership teams and more.

And, she made a special offer to all listeners, free access to her online course that will help you climb the rungs of the corporate ladder.  Grab access now and reserve a copy of her great new book at

Go grab your headphones and listen now - enjoy! (And don’t forget to download the transcript for future reference - the link’s below)


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