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If you want to add some ‘Confidence Spice’ to your show and help your audience take their lives from ‘ordinary’ to extraordinary here’s why Stuart is the one to help you.



Find out why Marcia Buxton from Kamaka coaching said: “Stuart has a knack of being able to peel back the layers to clear the fogginess and reveal a firm and definite clarity.”

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Hi there,

Does your audience feel a little lost at times?

Do they feel that there must be something more to life than ‘this’?

Now, what if there is a way for them to transform their lives from the inside out…

What if they can change their thinking any time they want and slip into being this super-confident, sexy person that everyone adores… and get to live it every day of their lives?

Well, my goal is to be the transformation catalyst that helps them do just that…

My name is Stuart Elliott. I was the original, shy party wallflower but now I’ve learned to make confidence a habit which, by the way, is the Basis for my weekly iTunes and youtube show - Confidence Bytes.

I’m fortunate to have been trained in Classic & New Code NLP by one of the founding fathers - John Grinder, certified in Eriksonian conversational hypnotherapy

Which means I can give your audience simple strategies augmented by galvanising stories that are going to revolutionise the way they think about themselves.

In fact there’s a particular story that comes to mind right now that I know they are going to love… It’s called ‘Policeman on the Roof!’… It’s true, funny and will give your audience a powerful life lesson while the tears of laughter roll down their cheeks.

If you want to help your audience take their lives from ordinary to extraordinary… to leave your show with enhanced confidence levels… a greater self appreciation… an understanding of how to design and live a dream life that fills their soul with excitement and passion every day…

And be eternally grateful they tuned into your show I encourage you to drop me a line right now. My best email is [email protected]

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