How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand

Powerful Personal Brand

At one time, when you talked about branding, you were referring to companies – their logos, their styles, the kind of products they were associated with.  But now, personal branding has become just as important as more and more people start their own business or work as freelancers.  So how do you go about creating a powerful personal brand?

Know What Your Brand is About

To learn how to create your personal brand, you need to look at yourself and what you stand for.  Personal branding is about showcasing you as an individual, what you are good at, what you have done and what your skills are.  You want your brand to encapsulate you as a person.

Sometimes we need a little help to find what our personal brand should be about and that is where coaching can be a great assist.  By speaking to an experienced coach about what your career goals are, what you want to showcase in yourself, you can find what you want to use in your personal brand.

Building Your Brand

Once you know what you want to use in creating your personal brand, the next step is to build the brand and get it recognised.  People often ask what is personal branding for individuals and in most cases, it is about establishing a consistent online presence.  This starts at your website and continues into everything you do online.

Set up a website that showcases what you do, the many variations and establishes your credibility – customer reviews or testimonials are a good idea.  A portfolio can work in some businesses and there are websites that capture these perfectly.  Ensure everything is harmonious in its appearance as we humans are a very visual species.

Focus on Social Media

Once you know what your brand looks like, you can start tailoring it for social media.  But it is about more than just having some professional pictures, a nice logo and some attractive colours.  With social media, it is all about being social – even in business terms.

Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

Sharing other’s content may seem like promoting someone else but is the best way to get recognition for your page.  Share articles on your industry as well as ones you have written yourself.  Curate content from other websites that is interesting to your potential customers and shows your knowledge of your industry.

Commenting on other people’s work may seem like a strange thing to do but this further enhances your online presence and establishes you as a leader in your industry.  Combined with a strong brand, this can attract people to you.

Other Ways to Build the Brand

Depending on your industry, there are other ways to build your brand and extend your presence.  Speaking engagements are a good way to let people see you and hear what you have to say.  Alternatively, consider making videos online, learning others about what you do and sharing your knowledge.  All of this increases the awareness of your brand and reinforces in people’s mind what it is that you do.

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