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This post is part of 7 simple tips to effectively manage stress.

Stress management strategy #1 is a fundamental part of life that applies to every human being but is so sorely neglected amongst society today.

It is simply to eat correctly!

Your body is a finely tuned machine and deserves only the best nutrition to keep it in perfect shape. Stress and anxiety have a detrimental affect upon the body, quickly depleting vital nutrients and these need to be replaced continuously if you are to perform at your peak and keep sickness at bay.

Unfortunately it is very easy to get lost in the demands of your daily work and not allocate enough time to eat properly. And, to make things worse, when you suddenly realise you haven’t eaten you may be tempted to go and stoke up on junk food, snacks or coffee…

Later, when the carbohydrate and caffeine high burn off, you plummet down into a depressive low.

Eating properly also means taking time to sit down and eat.

It is not good practice to hurriedly grab a bite whilst rushing around trying to finish something off… or get ready for the office.

Buddhist monks are taught to chew every mouthful of food a minimum of thirty times. This gives time for the enzymes in your saliva to start digesting the food which lessens the load on your stomach.

It is also a wonderful time to reflect and relax.

Because digestive problems, including ulcers, are common amongst highly stressed, high achieving executives it would be a good idea to consider your diet and eating habits. Make a plan or consult a nutritionist to get a handle on what foods might be best for you and then make you new eating regime a habit.

The relaxation benefits are immense and when added to the other forms of relaxation you do will help you to achieve more everyday.

You know only too well that a job that is rushed is not a job well done… eating is no different.

“I cannot emphasise enough how important a good diet is with regard to your health and stress reduction…”

When you look after your diet you are on the road to less stress and better health - both of which will increase your energy and allow you to perform at your peak.

Quality multivitamin tablets taken daily can also help to ensure you are getting sufficient nutrition.

Another aspect of healthy eating that will have major benefits for your stress management is to eat regularly. Research has shown that ‘little & often’ is the way with five small meals being better than one or two big ones.

Why not take a few moments right now to consider your diet? The changes you make will enhance your stress management results.

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