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Stress management strategy #2 is another universal ‘must’ and that is to get ample sleep every night.

Opinions are divided amongst experts as to the correct amount but three or four hours a night is simply not enough. The traditional model has been eight hours of unbroken sleep every night but more recent studies show that seven hours could be enough and…

One of the latest theories from scientists is for two sleep periods a night broken by an hour or so of activity. The study emphasises that each sleep period needs to be long enough for you to reach REM sleep.

‘Cat napping’ for half an hour during the day is also useful to help give a quick recharge to your batteries and will help to combat stress but is not considered a substitute for a good night of sleep.

Getting a good night’s rest and following stress management protocols to recharge your batteries can be quite a challenge if you are jetting around the world on a grueling schedule.

The combination of time zone differences and high intensity meetings soon after landing can be quite debilitating.

That is why I have developed a powerful Rapid Relaxation MP3 for you to use as part of an effective stress management strategy. It uses hypnotic tools to help you program your mind to relax at will and will leave you feeling revitalised from the very first listen.

Only 20 minutes from beginning to end listening to this wonderful MP3 will leave you feeling on top of the world.

I invite you to download a free copy right now and start to enjoy a less stressful life. You will find it here: Rapid Relaxation MP3

We will discuss further powerful stress management protocols in later posts.

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