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 Effective stress management technique number 4 is simply to spend more quality time with your family because…

Family time IS important.

If you feel you do not have time to spend with your family think again - otherwise you will likely live to regret it.

I was helping a successful salesman implement effective strategies to learn English as a second language recently. He had taken a short break from his work to study English in order to further his career. During our conversation he mentioned how strange it felt to spend more time with his family. They of course really enjoy having him around, particularly his sixteen year old daughter. It is a pity it didn’t happen more often.

In reality, making family time is a time management issue that you can easily solve with a little forethought and the application of your already well-developed time management skills.

Busy executives often think they are doing the right thing by providing money and a ‘good lifestyle’ for their family but this often entails them being away from home for extended periods which means they often have relationship problems with their children because…

They cannot see that all their children want is time with their father or mother! You see, children want to see their parents at the school play or sports meet or some other important event in their lives - it makes a big impression on them.

And, to make matters worse, the resultant deterioration of the relationship with their children is often a major cause of stress for parents. A factor that could easily be avoided by application of this simple stress management technique - spend more quality time with your family & children.

Stressed by His Lonely Son

Earlier in my career I was asked to help a teenager who had absolutely no direction in life. All he did was play computer games throughout the night and sleep during the day.

Luckily he hadn’t succumbed to drug or alcohol abuse… at the time.

It turned out that the reason for his lack of interest in life was he didn’t have any time with his parents nor had he for many years. His mother had divorced his father and moved to Germany and the father retained custody of his son.

And yet, his father was too busy at work to spend any time with his son… Instead he gave him a generous monthly allowance and a flat to live in - that was it.

The child was only 18 and left without contact or support from those he loved the most. The father thought there was a problem with his son but couldn’t understand that HE was the problem - not his son.

It was a crying shame. Absolutely disastrous to the child’s life and never would be resolved until the father recognised he had to devote quality time to build a relationship with his son.

Sadly this scenario is all too common in the world of high income families - don’t let it happen to you.

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