office-620823_1920Figuring out when to move on from a job may be one of the hardest decisions you will make in life. Too often people ignore the signs that they may need a new job because they are afraid of change. In some situations you may know in your heart that you are not happy at your job but you’re not sure when it might be the right time to change jobs.

Don’t get in the cycle of living your life on autopilot; your life is much more valuable than that. At Double C Coaching we understand what it’s like feeling dissatisfied in a job and not being sure what steps to take. If you find yourself stuck in a rut and not satisfied at work, here are a few signs that you may need a new job:

You dread going to work – If you find yourself afraid of stepping into the office for fear of what might happen, chances are it may be time to change jobs. Now bear in mind that every job comes with its fair amount of stress, that’s not completely unavoidable. However if the thought of going to work fills you with fear and you constantly obsess about what can go wrong, you may not be in the best situation.

This stress can manifest itself emotionally and physically and can start to affect other areas of your life. Take an honest look at your work situation and make the decisions to move on before it gets too late.

You career goals no longer align with the company – Remember that whichever position you are in, you are providing a service in exchange for monetary compensation. If you find that the skills or services you are providing no longer have a meaningful purpose to you, then it may be time to leave your job.
Companies are dynamic and constantly changing, that means that as you stay with the company you are exposed to other areas where you can use different skills, which can be beneficial to your career growth. However if you find yourself getting stuck in positions that do not make use of your best skills or do not expose you to areas that you are passionate about then it may be time to move on from the job.

Before moving on it is always best to discuss these concerns with your superior or look for other roles in the company that might be better suited to you, however if all else fails you should quit your job.
You are not valued in your workplace – If you’ve ever broken up with someone chances are you know what it’s like to feel unappreciated; the same can be said of a company. If for whatever reason you feel as though the company is undervaluing you, you may want to ask yourself if you should quit your job.
There are several warning signs that the company could be undervaluing you: like passing you up for a promotion, or a boss who is constantly disrespectful, or forcing you to work more hours but with no additional pay.

As with any situation like this it can be hard to cut the cord. Sometimes it’s easier to take the abuse than demand what you truly deserve. Keep in mind that you do want to make an attempt at rectifying the situation before you part ties with the company.

Whatever the case don’t allow any company to feel comfortable treating you in a lesser way than you deserve, that is a clear sign that it is time to change jobs.

Unstable work environment – With the economy as it is today many companies have faced downsizing and increased layoffs which can make the work environment very unpredictable.

Many times upper level management won’t divulge the true state of the company for fear of causing employees to worry. However if you notice that employees have been heading out consistently or there is an inconsistent leadership pattern at the company it may be time to move on.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your feet back in the job market. If the situation gets so bad that you feel unable to do your work efficiently then that should be a major sign that it’s time to leave your job.

You’re not challenged – If you feel like you are no longer challenged by your work, or the job is not what you expected it to be, then consider whether you might need to leave.

If you have been actively looking for more project in your company but find that there are limited opportunities for advancement or growth this could be a sign that your skills may not be best utilised at your current company.

While I do think it’s important to first discuss the concern with your manager don’t feel pressured to stay in a position where you are no longer growing or learning.

In an ideal world it would be simple to just leave your job and find another one; however that’s hardly the case in this economic climate. Before leaving any job you must spend the time to reflect on what exactly you need from your job and take steps to make changes in your current situation.
Ideally every 6 months you should reassess whether the career path you are on is in line with your goals. Your first instinct should not be to leave once you realise a disconnect. First try to take steps to remediate the situation at your current job. If you then realise that it’s just not a good fit for you then be willing to be honest with yourself and make a change. It can be hard to make the decision to quit your job and survive in the tough market.

Double C Coaching can help you clarify your career goals and provide you with the resources to navigate the ever-changing job market. We can help you figure out when it is the right time to leave your job and help you create a transition plan to get you on a path to success. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your career needs.

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