Top Ten Skills All Leaders Need

What are some of the skills that leaders need to possess in order to thrive in the workplace? Here at Double C Coaching we know the importance that a good leader can have on your career. We also know the importance of being a good leader to others, here are the top ten skills all leaders need.

Communicate Effectively 

Exceptional leaders know how to communicate clearly and succinctly. Good leaders have the ability to listen intently and ascertain relevant information quickly by asking good questions. When they are in a presentation they know how to get their message across in a formal setting, however, they also know how to relax and communicate at ease in a more casual setting. These leaders tend to have strong persuasive and negotiation skills, they understand that communication is a tool to be used to get what you want. So while shouting and yelling may seem like the easiest way out, it may not get you what you want and good leaders know what’s at stake. Take a look at the way you communicate and look for areas that can be improved.


Make Tough Decisions

To be a leader you must have the ability to make effective decisions with limited resources, often times as a leader you do not have access to all the information about the situation. However, you may still need to make a decision quickly while considering all the repercussions. A good leader is able to consider multiple aspects of the problem and make a decision that will help the company move forward in the future.


Harness Potential in Others

As a leader it is important that you motivate and inspire others to be their best. People look to their leaders as a source of hope and strength; leaders too have to be able to look for the potential in others and help nurture it. Often times employees have the ability to do well but just need the right support and the right opportunity in order to achieve their potential. As a leader, you understand that the only way to achieve true success is to help others up.

Harness Potential in Others

Operate with High Integrity and Ethics

Leaders must have high standards. They must expect a certain level of integrity from themselves and from those around them. When you are in a position of leadership it is easy to take shortcuts and do things the easy way. However, successful leaders are those ones who take pride in their work and have a high level of integrity. The have strong values that resonate with them and that influences those around them.


Results Driven

Good leaders must have the ability to deliver exceptional value and results. At the end of the day, the true metric of success is what you are able to get done in a limited amount of time. Focusing on results helps leaders to keep their eyes on what is important and ruthlessly eliminating those aspects of business that do not impact their results. In business, it’s too easy to get in the habit of thinking that work completed equals results, but good leaders know that this is not always the case.


Willing to Take Risks

It’s easy to avoid taking a risk and stay in your comfort zone, however as leaders, your role is to push beyond your comfort zone. To accomplish any vision it will take hard work, sacrifice and a little risk. Leaders understand that without risk there is no true reward, and for them, that is a part of the challenge of being a leader. That being said, you should not take risks just for the sake of it, but rather calculated risks that align with the overall goals for the company’s future.


Builds Good Relationships with Others


Too often in the workplace we undervalue the importance of building good relationships with others. The truth of the matter is that people like to work with others that they trust. People like to work with others that they enjoy being around. As a leader, you must understand that the quickest way to solving a problem is finding the right person to help you. Being able to develop a relationship with other staff members is a skill that will benefit you not only for your current job but throughout your career, these are important skills that leaders need.

Top Ten Skills All Leaders Need

Thinks Creatively

Leaders must be able to take a creative look at the problems they are facing. Attempting to do things using traditional methods won’t get you too far in the business world today. The challenges we face today are unlike any problems we have faced in the past, as a result, our leaders need to bring fresh, new ideas to the table. Leaders must be able to think of creative solutions and have the courage to pursue them in order to move forward.


Thinks Strategically

Leaders are always thinking ahead of their competitor, they never settle for good enough. If you’re aiming for good you’re already behind in the race to be great. Innovative leaders like Steve Jobs had to understand their competitive advantage in order to succeed in the market. Apple’s success was not based on chance, but rather a strategy to innovate and change the way we use and interact with technology. Having the ability to strategize and execute efficiently is one of the surefire signs of a great leader.


Embraces Feedback

True leaders know that the quickest way to grow is to fail faster. That means being able to take constructive criticism in order to grow. Leaders are no afraid of saying that they don’t know it all. They encourage others to voice their opinions because it is only through hearing feedback can we truly provide exceptional value to the company and the world.

No matter where you are in life it is never too late to become a leader. Leaders strive to make a difference and an impact in the world around them. They are no satisfied with average but rather are focused on being great and never settling for less. At Double C Coaching we are experts in developing leadership potential in others. We are passionate about helping business women develop the skills needed for effective leadership. In order to meet the increasingly complex market needs, business women and entrepreneurs must actively seek out to develop these skills in order to succeed in the market place



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