Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips

One of the hardest things to do in life today is to stay empowered and productive – with so much going on in any given day, it’s very easy to fall behind and lose faith in yourself. However, when it
comes to wanting to increase productivity, you can find inspiration from the most powerful people out there.

Having some productivity tips from the people who inspire you and who set the agenda in the environment you work and live in can be a hugely enjoyable, invigorating experience.
So, what productivity secrets relate to you?

Clear Your Mind


If you want to get yourself into the right frame of mind for being productive, the most effective way to maintain productivity is to just empty your mind in the morning. A simple 15-minute process every morning allows you to dig deep, to contemplate, and to break up those thoughts which are limiting your capacity for the day. It also helps to set a little group of things each week that you wish to concentrate on and share them with your colleagues. This lets everyone dictate the pace of the working week, and what they need to work on to improve.

Keep Meetings Short and Sweet

How often do you find your plans for the day totally de-railed because you need to go to a meeting? The best way of finding the most effective way to work is being able to keep it short and sweet with meetings, and will make sure that if a call is going to be enough then a call is what you will use – no more going into meetings for things that could be decided over the phone. As far as productivity tips go, this might be the most useful!

Keep Meetings Short and Sweet


It’s always important to have a list of things to concentrate on that you see as the major priority, if you want to get things done in the right way. Why? Because you then put 100% into each of the small things instead of giving 10% to ten different things. Anything more than five major tasks that need to be completed will blunt your productivity, so keep this in mind.


Need a new way of finding the real productivity secrets within yourself? Then you can find that energising yourself physically is the way to go. Why? Because that physical activity is the most energising thing you can do. A run in the morning clears the mind and gets the body in shape for being active and doing something. It also gives you time to think about new ideas, and the best ways to get your day prepared in the right manner.


Productivity Coaching

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get the mind balanced and ready to be productive. If you need more productivity secrets, perhaps consider coaching later on down the line. Coaching can help you find your own mental blocks, and give you an idea of how to move them out of the way once and for all.

We reached out to several industry leaders to ask what their productivity tips are:


“Having spent a lot of time honing my skills I pride myself on working efficiently. I find four specific activities, although simple, really are the crux of my productivity. They are paramount in daily operation and help me stay on task. Particularly for me now, having just started a business, I am so glad I had grasped these concepts so I could easily implement them.” Claire Beauchamp, The Finance Firm

“We always focus on the urgent and important. The routine tasks that are not urgent are put aside. However, inevitably these low priority tasks become urgent due to their neglect and if they are neglected for a long period of time they become large time-consuming activities that need completion. If you haven’t completed them, you inevitably end up kicking yourself saying “Why didn’t I do this before?” My tip is to diarise the routine and mundane tasks. Set aside small blocks of time for them. If you need to move them, that’s okay, but you are consciously doing it each time, raising your awareness to the continual neglect. Co mmit to chipping away at that long term job or project with small bite sized appointments.” Barbara Clifford, The Time Tamer


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