Top Tips for Returning to Work

Top Tips for Returning to Work

Returning to work after having a child can be a big adjustment, whether it is your first, second or any other number.  Getting back into the routines of your job and away from the routines of your child can be hard but the key to success is often in the preparation that you do before you get back into it.  Here we have some top tips for returning to work.

Establishing routines

Being spontaneous is great but when it comes to your work life and your childcare, routine wins out every time.  To prepare for returning to work, it can be important to start establish routines before the event.  Whether this is something as simple as getting out of bed at the same time as you would for work or getting your child into an eating routine, these will all make the transition easier.

Consider planning out a few of the following:

  • Your return date – go for a short first week so return on a Wednesday or Thursday if possible
  • Your commute – do a test run a few times as things might have changed while you were on maternity and you probably have an extra stop to make now with your baby
  • Have some backup ready – kids often pick up bugs in those first few weeks at nursery or with a child minder so have someone on hand to help take them to the doctor if this happens so you don’t have to have time off work.

Build up your confidence

Another of the top tips for returning to work are around getting yourself mentally prepared for the task at hand.  Some mothers report a loss of confidence when returning to work after maternity leave – things have changed, staff may be different.  Whether you are full or part time, you may feel out of sync with everything around you.

A good option to help with this is to get some coaching before you return to work.  Specialists in work-based coaching techniques can help you build up your confidence and take into account the new skills you have learned being a mum.  This can help you readjust better once in the workplace.

Practical stuff

Returning to work and preparing your new work-related routines are one thing but there are other areas you should consider.  Grocery shopping is one example – you need to either buy in more than before to ensure you don’t need to be at the shops too often or even do online shopping to have it delivered when you are home.

Also key to successful transitioning is to leave a little time for yourself.  You don’t want to be either at work or on mum duty – you need a little time for yourself.  Take up Pilates or Yoga, go for a run if you enjoy it or even just have your hair done or a beauty treatment.  Make sure you reward yourself for your hard work and give yourself a little space to be you as well as Mum and employee.

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