What Does Confidence Mean to You?

When we think of the people who inspire us, who we look at and wish to be more like, one of the most common terms we use to describe them is ‘confident’.  They are filled with confidence, they are self-confident, they have confidence in what they are doing.  In sportspeople, amongst others, it can almost seem to move into arrogance but it gives them the drive to achieve great things.  For each of us, finding the meaning of confidence can help us develop it and become a better version of ourselves.

Building Confidence

For many of us, the problem isn’t so much what does confidence mean but where does it come from?  How do we build the kind of confidence that those ultra-successful people seem to have by the bucket?

What Does Confidence Mean to You?

Components of Building Confidence

Sometimes, we can do this ourselves, through the power of our own minds.  We can learn about ourselves and can build up our confidence.  Other times, we need a little help.  Coaching can be an excellent option and is how many of these top people get to where they are.  There are also different types of coaches for different aims – business coaches, sports coaches even lifestyle coaches, all offering to help us get where we want to be by boosting our confidence.

Being Confident

Sometimes, we can relegate confidence to something that doesn’t matter.  We can tell ourselves that the meaning of confidence, the benefits of it doesn’t really apply to what we do or who we are.  But the truth is that regardless what type of business you are in, you need confidence to succeed.

Confidence can allow us to put our best self forward in a good way.  Not boastful, not brash but with a sense of our own self-worth and how this is relevant to a job or a project.  By valuing yourself, you can portray this to others and it can be the difference between getting the promotion or not.  After all, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, how can others?

What Does Confidence Mean to You?

Self Belief

That sense of our own value can also aid you in helping others to do the same.  If you have confidence in your staff, then this boosts them, allows them to perform to their best.  They feel that you value them and they want to do their best for you, to prove they are worth your belief.

What Does Confidence Mean to You?

Overcome doubt and build self-confidence by trusting yourself.

On the turn side, people lacking in confidence doubt their abilities and can even be more prone to making errors because they constantly think they are doing something wrong or haven’t the skills needed for the job.  Overcoming that doubt and building self-confidence in yourself and in others can benefit everyone.


Confidence is a fragile thing that can easily be damaged by life.  But by having a sense of your own value and strengths, you can take those hits and keep going.  You might doubt yourself for a bit but you have the tools to come back from this, learn from what went wrong and go on from there.


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