What is Confidence? – Drilling Down to the Bedrock of the Concept

What is Confidence?

Being more confident can be easier said than done, especially if you don’t really know what confidence is. Most of us know the feeling, but it is hard to explain it - it is not something you see and hold in your hand. Just think about it – you know when you feel a rush of confidence but are you capable of explaining this particular feeling?

Being self-confident will help you be at peace with yourself and feel more comfortable in your skin. It gives you the power to undertake and achieve all the things you previously thought to be impossible, but first, you have to understand what confidence is.

What is Self-Confidence?

Confidence could be characterised as an approach – the approach that you have towards yourself and your actions. If you are certain that you are going to be able to handle a situation you are going to be confident about it.

Confidence is about believing in your own powers and resources, instead of being afraid and uncertain. It is about realising that you are actually equal or even better than the others. Once confident, you will free yourself from the shackles of doubt and self-denial. So it is safe to say that confidence is linked to freedom and happiness.

Increase Self Confidence the Smart Way


Increasing your self-confidence can often be a hard or overwhelming task. It takes a lot of dedication and is a long-term commitment. The pathway to greater confidence is complex and lonely which means more often than not, people get lost along the way. A knowledgeable and experienced person to guide you, along with training, practice and positive reinforcement are essential things that will help you boost your confidence. And one such friendly guiding hand is Stuart Elliott - the founder and main driving force behind Double C Coaching.

Stuart has been there, done it and understands that confidence is a habit. He has dedicated his life to helping others develop the confidence habit by giving them support & the tools that increase self-confidence.
Working with Stuart you have nothing to lose but your doubts and hesitations. And you don’t need to travel anywhere to meet him either; all you have to do is visit the Double C Coaching blog and take a look at the great selection of podcasts it offers or get in touch with Stuart on Skype or the phone.
Having someone to guide you is important. Someone who has experienced the whole process and has coached others on their confidence journey too. So why wait to become more confident when a confidence boost can change your life right now?

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